Individual Services


One on One Therapy

Our One-on-One Therapy training can include behaviour, cognitive, language, communication, social, play, self-help, and functional skills. After direct observation and standardized assessments, our behavioural consultants will create tailored programming with functional learning objectives based on individual learning needs of each student. A team of behavioural therapists are responsible for therapy sessions in centre or at home. Supervision sessions are regularly scheduled to ensure treatment quality and progress. A behavioural consultant will provide ongoing case updates during monthly meetings.


School Readiness Training

Having great learning skills is essential to being successful and independent in school.  Our School Readiness Training program will equip students with classroom skills such as self-management and organization, language and communication, as well as social learning and problem solving. This program is designed for kindergarteners and lower primary school students who are about to enter mainstream schools or currently attending and in need of behavioural support. Each student will have an individualized plan catered to his or her learning needs applicable to the mainstream classroom. Lessons will be conducted in English, supplemented with Cantonese and Mandarin.


Social Skills Groups

We believe social skills are an important part of any student’s learning repertoire. Our Social Skills Groups will help children acquire skills necessary for establishing and maintaining relationships with family and friends. We aim to increase social motivation and provide opportunities to practice skills such as social interaction, communication, cooperation, and playing in a group setting. Each child will participate in a group based on age and skill level.


Language Arts Club

Language sets the foundation for communication, and is developed through practical usage. Our Language Arts Club is led by a behavioural consultant and certified English teacher, taking on a task-based learning approach to develop language through interactive and engaging projects. Students will learn basic literacy skills, expressive communication, grammar and vocabulary, as well as listening and reading comprehension.


Life Skills Workshops

Life Skills Workshops aim to foster and develop our students’ functional living skills. Taught by specialized teachers with behavioural therapists providing support, our students will learn a variety of skills in areas such as personal health, technology, community, and more. Our workshops will teach children skills that are necessary for independence, it is also a great way for them to practice social skills and broaden their interests.


School Shadowing

School Shadowing benefits students enrolled in mainstream schools and facing behavioural challenges in the classroom. Our shadow therapists can help facilitate following school routines, attention and engagement to teacher, and social interactions with other students. We provide effective strategies to teach children to become active and independent learners in school. We will also collaborate with school staff to ensure generalization and transfer of skills.