Why Choose ABA

As therapists, we use ABA to help many children progress and acquire skills which others once thought were impossible for them to learn. We have seen the effects of ABA intervention produce significant improvements in quality of life for the entire family. 

ABA therapy is an evidence-based practice proven by many years of research to be an effective treatment for individuals of all ages and populations. The sooner you begin intervention, the better the outcome.


Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the science of changing socially significant behaviour. Intensive, comprehensive treatment is recommended for early learners presenting with broad skill deficits and intensive problem behaviour. Brief, focused treatment is appropriate for advanced learners presenting with a few areas of skill deficit, or moderate problem behaviour.

ABA therapy incorporates behavioural techniques such as reinforcement and prompting to increase appropriate behaviour, decrease inappropriate behaviour, and teach functional replacement behaviours. 


Our Approach

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a highly structured form of ABA therapy and is beneficial for students who require more repetition to build basic learning skills. The sequenced form of instruction usually has three steps: 1. Instruction, 2. Response, 3. Feedback.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) is a more natural form of utilizing ABA, with generalization built into this strategy. Training does not just occur at a table in a therapy room, but in a variety of environments. Everyday objects are used as teaching materials, and rewards for appropriate responses are naturally occurring. The child’s motivation and interests are a main factor in NET, most children do not recognize they are “working”.  Teaching targets are incorporated into activities, games, and routines, making each interaction a teachable moment.